Is your application development DRY? (Don't Repeat Yourself) Think about how many times a day you repeat the same old things when coding. When you start a new project many of the things you do are simply repetitions of previous applications. You go through repeating all the things you did in the last project. This "Project Setup" can take in many cases over half the time of creating a new project.

This is where AE-BaseApp comes in. Our Python Base Application takes away the drudgery of the base code. You get a maintained open source project to start your application. Start a new design, yank out the shout code, and integrate your application logic. It is that easy!

We use the git source control system because of it's distributed nature. You can create a fork of our code and then when we update our code, you can update your application with the all the bug fixes with minimal manual steps. That save you time!

To get started head over to AE-Python's Github Repo and fork it!

Oh and by the way, if you see something you want to add or fix don't forget to send us a pull request!

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